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We’ve scoured the web to collect the latest helpful career-related articles. Read about why you should spend less time worrying about your resume, how to discuss your salary expectations, 10 outdated pieces of career advice, and much more.

Stop spending so much time worrying about your resume! Is your resume important? Definitely. But according to this article, your time is better spent researching target employers and developing connections.

The one thing successful people do every day: keep track of their accomplishments.

Advice for career changers on how to describe your skills and experience.

Informational interviewing has become an essential part of career development! Read about three aspects of effective informational interviewing.

Tips on how to write a personal bio from Forbes. Although this article is aimed at portfolio workers, the advice on writing a winning bio is applicable to everyone.

Learn how to format your resume so that it is read well by Applicant Tracking Systems.

What is networking and how do you do it? Read some real life examples here.

Are you still including an objective on your resume? 10 outdated pieces of career advice.

Be prepared to talk about your salary expectations with tips from US News & World Report.

A poor cover letter will tank your application. This article from Career Realism gives three reasons you should spend more time on your cover letter, along with suggestions to improve them.

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